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Favorites The Possession Experiment (2016)

The Possession Experiment (2016) HD
The Possession Experiment (2016)
Year, country:
Scott B. Hansen
Bill Moseley, Eugenia Gonzales, Rachel Faulkner,
1h 24min
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Brandon was always attracted to supernatural things, so the young man chose the theme of exorcism for his term paper on theology. Together with a student friend, Brandon is investigating the massacre / suicide that occurred during an unsuccessful attempt to expel a demon. Flirting with the other world comes to an extreme point when the hero decides to put the experience of exorcism on himself. The “Obsession Experiment”, of course, does not bode well for the two extremals, but the thirst for hidden knowledge, craving for otherworldly and the usual boyish insolence turned off all the brakes and almost blocked the brain - and then the horror movie found new characters who happily begin to use the opportunity to jump out the door the underworld and show off among people.

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