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The Secret She Kept (2016) HD
The Secret She Kept (2016)
Year, country:
Alton Glass
Kellita Smith, Kyla Pratt, Gavin Houston,
1h 23min
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When God seeks to punish man in the most terrible way, he is depriving him of his mind. And, alas, this terrible punishment overcomes the main character of the drama film "Her Secret", in which she, despite the young age and successfully developing career, has a serious mental illness. And very soon, in spite of all the efforts of the young woman to hide it, everything will get out, because such sewed in a "bag" does not exactly hide. But the matter is not only in this - in a lost career, a steep breakdown of life. The speech can be led in the end about total madness!

It would seem like a complete hopelessness, but a young girl suddenly encounters a person who is experiencing real feelings in her life. Their feelings are mutual, and at first she tries to hide what is sick from a young man. But then she reveals in front of him and now in this confrontation with a terrible disease there will be two of them. Will they be able to overcome a terrible disease by joint efforts, or are all these efforts in vain? Look at the dramatic and touching film, and you will know everything yourself ...

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