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Favorites The Apostle Peter: Redemption (2016)

The Apostle Peter: Redemption (2016) HD
The Apostle Peter: Redemption (2016)
Year, country:
Leif Bristow
John Rhys-Davies, Stephen Baldwin, Bobbie Phillips,
1h 29min
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During the treacherous arrest, Jesus revealed to the faithful disciple Peter the unsightly truth about his soon, very annoying betrayal. However, a man, confident in his own spiritual firmness, was only surprised by the strange words of a respected teacher. However, after the cruel execution of the son of the carpenter, the apostles had to escape rapidly from the city of sinners, arriving under the protection of the Roman pagan legions. In order to be saved, Peter had to abandon the tortured mentor three times.

By avoiding the probable death, the poor in the film "The Apostle Peter: Atonement" wandered unfamiliar lands by tormenting the once righteous soul with a burning sense of guilty of obvious betrayal. But Jesus, seeing the sufferings of his former associate, mercifully revealed the revenge to the cry. Hearing the teachings of the Lord, the former apostle, having reborn the righteous fire in his broken heart, began the thorny path of the preacher, sowing the first seeds of Christianity to the intransigent, pagan hearts of many nations. The mad Roman ruler Nero, having learned about the fearless missionary, ordered to grab the poor man and offered to abandon the ideals of faith again.

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