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Favorites Hot Property (2016)

Hot Property (2016) HD
Hot Property (2016)
Year, country:
Max McGill
Alex Ferns, MyAnna Buring, Paul Chahidi
1h 23min
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Not only our compatriots spoiled the housing problem. Residents of the capital of Albion are no less concerned about our problem, where to rent an apartment better and cheaper.

To achieve this is the task of the first level of difficulty. Housing is growing rapidly, and real estate agents are becoming more and more impudent. How to resist against them hapless romantics, in love with music and freedom? After all, in their pockets, unfortunately, the wind is walking.

How long will the passionate romance last and how strong will the mutual feelings remain, if the “roof over your head” keeps threatening to disappear? Not every love will endure such a test. The heroes of the film had to check it out for themselves.

The tenant of housing, not “tied” to his own apartment, is a very free person and at the same time very dependent. In a critical situation, this paradoxical combination will lead to a real tragedy.

Can a man exist in this world without a house and an apartment? The answer to this seemingly rhetorical question the filmmakers tried to give.

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