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Everlasting (2016) HD
Everlasting (2016)
Year, country:
Anthony Stabley
Elisabeth Röhm, Bai Ling, Michael Massee,
1h 25min
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Investigation thriller "Everlasting (2016)" talks about the terrible murder. Jesica studied at the Clifreed School of Colorado. Before her parents divorced, Jess was a happy and carefree girl. But after my father left, everything went awry, not only with Jesse, but also with her mother. Mother was always drunk, a mess at home, and the girl was left to herself. Jesse's boyfriend, Matt Artago, is keen on videotaping. He wants to make a film project about his girlfriend. Despite the plans, the film Matt turns completely sad.

Jesse leaves for Los Angeles, and after a few months, comes the news of her murder. Matt, seeing that the investigation is standing still, decides to create a blog dedicated to Jesse. The guy hopes that this will help him to find at least some clue to solve this terrible murder. People respond, send messages, photos, but it's not that. And suddenly Matt gets a weird letter. On the envelope is the inscription "End" and the image of a creepy eye. The envelope is a videotape. Perhaps this letter will help find out the causes of Jesse's death.

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