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Favorites Hands of Stone (2016)

Hands of Stone (2016)
Year, country:
Jonathan Jakubowicz
Édgar Ramírez, Robert De Niro, Usher Raymond,
1h 51min
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Not every athlete can find the strength to go to his goal, not stopping even in case of failure. But those people who still cope with all life's trials, eventually become real legends! Person-legend is the main character of this biographical sports drama. Growing up in the streets of Panama, Roberto Duran could always stand up for himself, but in his childhood he could not imagine that in his adult life he would become a famous boxer who would be called "Stone Fists" for powerful blows. After going through a lot of fierce fights, his first fight in a professional ring athlete spent at a fairly early age - he was only sixteen years old. It was on that Panamanian duel he was seen by the wrestlers of the boxing business, who made some efforts to "untwist" the rising star. Grateful for helping Roberto always laid out 100%, rising even after the crushing blows of the enemy. And every victory brought the athlete to one of the most spectacular fights - a meeting with the legendary Sugar Ray Leonard. However, the film will tell us not only about Duran's sports victories, but also she will reveal the veil of secrecy over his personal life.
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