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Antboy 3 (2016) HD
Antboy 3 (2016)
Year, country:
Ask Hasselbalch
Amalie Kruse Jensen, Oscar Dietz, Samuel Ting Graf
1h 25min
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Once a shy teenager Pellet had a lot of problems with his peers. As described in the film "The Boy of the Ant-3", everything changed when a teenager was bitten by a mutated insect. Since that moment Pellet has had some super abilities - strength, endurance, speed. Of course, like every superhero, he has his own special costume. Villains of all stripes received a rebuff from Pellet. The guy already has a girl Ida, which he really likes. Thanks to perfect deeds, she agreed to meet with him.
The situation changed when another negative character appeared in the town. All journalists are trying to interview him. Something bad is brewing. Pellet literally before that he wanted to go with Ida to a summer sports camp. However, the situation requires that he stay in the city. In addition, his ancient enemy Bloch was at large. A longtime friend, the biologist William, can not help him now. True, there were people from whom Pellet unexpectedly received all the things necessary for him. The adventures of the ant boy and his girlfriend Ida continue.
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