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Favorites Complete Unknown (2016)

Complete Unknown (2016)
Year, country:
Joshua Marston
Kathy Bates, Michael Shannon, Rachel Weisz,
1h 31min
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Joshua Marston's dramatic thriller is fascinated by mystery and acts on the principle of "What would happen if ...". What would happen if a woman concealed her true personality, constantly changing her images, hiding behind the next invented life avatar? What would happen to you if such a femme fatale appeared in your life, has turned your head, broke your heart and disappeared without leaving a letter, a farewell note or a hint of the reason for your departure? What would happen if, twenty years later, this mysterious person appeared again in your life? All answers are presented in the movie below.

At the party on the occasion of the birthday in the house of Tom and his spouse there is a strange stranger Alice. How she found herself on the holiday and who invited her - neither Tom nor his wife have any idea. But barely looking at Alice's big dark eyes, Tom feels a crushing blow, and a whirlwind of forgotten feelings and emotions hits him - once in the past, he was crazy about this woman, and now she went into his carefully crafted, cloudless and quite boring existence is not accidental.

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