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13 Demons (2016)
Year, country:
Daniel Falicki
Stephen Grey, Michael Cunningham, Daniel Falicki
1h 20min
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Gary and his friends still do not know that they will soon have to risk their own lives, saving humanity and their own skins from madness. It all began with an ordinary computer game that will turn our world into a real hell on the earth. The guys themselves are gamers. They spend most of their lives on a computer with joysticks in their hands and are not even going to think about their own relationships. The computer game that has fallen into the hands strongly entails strictness and forbidden danger, only if they manage to survive more than 30 years ago, the game was forbidden all over the world, well how did the heroes manage to get it? Maybe all this is not in vain, they are special someone wants to substitute? According to the story, it's said that all the gamers who entered the first round of the game become damned, and all that happens to them in the virtual world is reality. It's scary to imagine, but the danger is ahead. Today's fate of the heroes depends exclusively on them, since the joystick is in their hands. It remains to wait a lot, as soon as the first blood is spilled, then the world will learn about its heroes and traitors. To see if the guys can find a way out of the virtual reality, you will be able to watch the movie online at 13 Demons (2016).

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