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Favorites Beyond the Gates (2016)

Beyond the Gates (2016)
Year, country:
Jackson Stewart
Barbara Crampton, Brea Grant, Ryan Kunert
1h 24min
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In life, it so happened that the brothers Gordon and John had not met for a long time. When the news came that their father Hank was gone, they were not very worried. Their parent was a man with oddities, so any incomprehensible disappearances were in his spirit. Half a year later, Hank did not show up. Father was recognized dead. To his brothers by inheritance passed his video salon. Gordon and John met in order to fix everything in this video store. Then they expect to sell it and leave.
Gordon invited his bride Margot to help them bring everything to the proper view. Once they found a game called "Behind the Gates". Next to it was an old videotape, on which all the game rules were written down. The Trinity decided to see what was on it. A blonde woman on a black and white screen invited them to choose chips - red, blue and gray. A puzzle game began, which took on an awful character every minute. In the end, there must be a key capable of opening the door to another sinister reality. This is the plot of the film "Behind the Gates".
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