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Favorites Pitchfork (2016)

Pitchfork (2016) HD
Pitchfork (2016)
Year, country:
Glenn Douglas Packard
Daniel Wilkinson , Brian Raetz, Lindsey Nicole,
1h 34min
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Our life is full of different secrets and secrets, but some of them do not even have to try to find out. A similar story happened with the main characters presented to the tape.

 will tell about how ridiculous accident the company of comrades was in a very difficult situation. Being all together, the guys decided to go to the house of one of them, where they needed to do everything to know the true secret of this place. True, none of the comrades could even imagine themselves, what secrets really concealed this place. The guys did not just have to, because they ceased to realize what they needed to do and how to do better in order to save their lives. The time spent staying at home for the protagonists of the horrific tape Pitchfork (2016) has become one of the hardest in their lives.

If you continue to watch the movie online, the viewer will be able to see what this story has ended. Will friends survive? Will they be able to fulfill the main goal that led them to this place? A lot of fateful events are ahead, which will make the life of the protagonists never again become the same.

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