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Favorites The Videoblogs (2016)

The Videoblogs (2016)
Year, country:
Michael DiBiasio
Masha King, Phoebe Allegra, Rebecca De Ornelas,
1h 22min
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Margaret is a young girl who is in a state of terrible depression. She does not want to see anyone and is at home all the time, going only to work and to an appointment with a psychologist. The girl does not communicate with friends or parents and spends all the time on the Internet. She actively participates in correspondence, but this also bothers her. Margaret begins to keep her own video diary, telling him about everything that happens to her, even if nothing interesting happens. For a while, the blog becomes her only entertainment. Soon, she realizes that even communication with herself bores her, but the diary draws her in and seems to teach to think and even philosophize ...