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Favorites Dreamland (2016)

Dreamland (2016)
Year, country:
Robert Schwartzman
Johnny Simmons, Beverly D'Angelo,
1h 24min
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In the center of the film is a man named Monty Fagan. The squeezed and indecisive pianist never managed to fully realize his talent, which becomes one of the reasons for his sadness. Another reason is the beloved Lizzy, who has cooled to Monty. The situation escalates when her mother Mary, a woman who has become disillusioned and openly spoils the life of her daughter, moves into their apartment. From this moment, the only peaceful place for the hero of the film “Dreamland” is the bathroom, where he locks himself to be alone with himself. Mary and Liz are starting to put more pressure on the man due to the fact that he does not earn enough money. This forces the hero to get a more prestigious job - a pianist in the lobby of a fashionable hotel, where he plays for wealthy guests. It could not have crossed his mind how this step would change his subsequent life. At work, Monty meets Olivia, a beauty who is almost twenty years older than him. The woman makes it clear that she wants to realize some of her sexual fantasies with the pianist. Olivia is interested in secret meetings, because she is married. Meanwhile, Lizzy begins to cheat on her husband ...