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The Sector (2016)
Year, country:
Josh Ridgway
Eric Roberts, Lance Henriksen, John Wesley Shipp,
1h 26
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In the distant future, when people's lives turn into a utopia, from which there will be no gap, many "cruel" professions will appear on Earth. The hero of the picture, Drescher, received a new important rear. At first glance, it is not unusual: you need to bring the head of a guy named John.

However, as it turned out a little later, John is not an ordinary person with a difficult past. He knows too much to walk on this earth. Therefore, pursuing the young man, Drescher himself becomes an involuntary participant in the conspiracy, during which he learns a lot of truth about the state of the world, the reasons for its change and its mission.

Was an accident or an assignment to study John's life presented to Drescher? Who is behind all this mess and what can change this world? the hero of the picture was often afraid to even think about these issues. However, now, in order to survive, to complete the task he needs to figure out everything. Can Drescher accept the true truth about the world and his own destiny, you will find out by watching the movie “Sector” in high quality for free on the Fantastic Online portal.

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