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Nightmare Wedding (2016)
Year, country:
Jose Montesinos
Nicola Posener, Evan Henderson, Isaac Reyes
1h 30min
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An attractive college student Sandy had a short-lived love affair with Roman. Then this guy behaved somewhat inadequately and the girl broke with him. After that, as described in the movie "Wedding Horror", Sandy has a romantic relationship with another student - Max. It turned out that these are real feelings and they decided to get married. Roman does not leave Sandy alone. This naturally strongly irritates the girl.
The problems began on the eve of the wedding ceremony. Turns out Roman is Max's best friend. At the wedding, he must perform the role of best man. Sandy is very worried because of this. Dyshku explained everything to her closest friend Lisa. The conversation was overheard by the sister of the bride Megan and handed over to her mother. A large number of guests come to the ceremony. Roman wants by all means to break the wedding. In the beginning, he nastily kills Lisa by pushing her off the cliff, and then quarrels between Sandy and Max. The wedding was still held. Then obviously abnormal Roman kidnaps Sandy. Max on the mobile phone keeps track of where his young wife is. He rushes to her aid.