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Swing State (2017) HD
Swing State (2017)
Year, country:
Jonathan Sheldon
Angela Kinsey, Taryn Manning, Ted Levine,
1h 35min
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Elections in the US are held on a rather interesting electoral system. People do not vote directly in all the states of the country. In each of them the winner is determined. It is he who receives the votes of a predetermined number of electors. Traditionally, the main candidates are representatives of the Republican and Democratic Party. Accordingly, the entire map of the country at the time of elections is painted in different colors. Red colors, where the victory is celebrated by Republicans and blue democrats. Purple means vacillating or undecided states. There is a very intense struggle for the votes of the voters.

Radio presenter from Seattle Eaton feels great on the air. The truth of special financial dividends does not bring him. He has debts all around him. Agent Eton, Endriana who is also his girlfriend is going to even throw a young man. As described in the film "The Fluctuating State", an accident helped. The leading neighboring radio station Tom Fleischman had a heart attack. Director of the studio Rush was at this time on the hunt. He on the phone orders his subordinate Neil to find an urgent temporary replacement. So Eaton accidentally got on the air to another studio. Since this radio station supports the Republicans, the man had to perform under a fictitious pseudonym Charles Fern. The new presenter quickly gained fame.