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Real Boy (2016)
Year, country:
Shaleece Haas
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The usual, it would seem, week from the life of an unremarkable schoolboy Kolya Smirnov turns into a series of incredible incidents: Kohl falls in love with an English teacher, someone sets fire to the school annex with new computers, and Papa Koli tells the family about the need to refrain from a night's sleep, for which no one in the house can get enough sleep and get ready with thoughts. In addition, Kohl himself falls in love with the daughter of the director, high school student Ksenia, who decided that it was he who set the school on fire. It remains only a few days before the Saturday school holiday, where all the actors of this whirlpool of events are to meet, and now the good boy Kohl needs to have time to sort out his personal life, investigate arson and establish relations with his parents.