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The Evangelist (2017) HD
The Evangelist (2017)
Year, country:
Joseph Pepitone
Keith Collins, Doug Bollinger, Samantha Artese
1h 17min
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Each maniac has his own individual style, according to which the servants of the law recognize him and give him a nickname. For example, the psychopath from this action-packed horror movie got the name Evangelist. Why exactly this? The fact is that at the place of every bloody and terrible murder, this murderer left the Bible. What exactly he wanted to say by this, none of the investigators could guess. Over the solution to this incredible puzzle, many search geniuses had to rack their brains. But they could not find the killer in hot pursuit, and even after a quarter of a century his identity remained unrevealed. 25 years have passed since the moment when the first corpse with the Holy Scriptures was discovered in the city.

In those terrible years, a whole series of frightening bloodsheds occurred, and the crime scenes were each time marked by a biblical element. Since the statute of limitations for all incidents has passed, the Evangelist’s case was closed, and no criminal was found. However, over the past years, silence reassured law enforcement, only the villain has not gone anywhere. Or did he have a copycat? In any case, after 25 years, reprisals began in the city again in the same manner. The police had to open the materials again, get all the evidence and papers from the archive in order to refresh all the points of the previous investigation. As the proceedings began, more and more incredible details of the crimes began to appear, shocking even the most experienced officers. Who is behind all the bloody atrocities?