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Sticky Notes (2016) HD
Sticky Notes (2016)
Year, country:
Amanda Sharp
Rose Leslie, Ray Liotta, Carmen Tonry
1h 30min
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In Athens, a 20-year-old dancer, not everything works out. While she is unable to get into the main part of the troupe and the girl speaks on the dancer. In her personal life she has no one. Sometimes there are casual sex. Athena is closed and smokes a lot. This of course is displayed on its physical form and does not allow to make complex elements.

Still, in spite of everything, as described in the film “Notes from Paradise”, she continues to train hard in the dance and fitness hall. At one point, she was even attracted to the rehearsals of the first roles, which somewhat enhanced the image of Athens. Managers promise that they will give her the opportunity to speak with several individual numbers.

Sudden news from Florida completely destroys all the plans of the girl. The fact is that her dad Jack lives here. Doctors gave him a difficult diagnosis. The man has lung cancer. The sad truth is that the parent was never interested in the daughter. Naturally at this moment Athena at the crossroads. It is clear that if she takes care of her fatally ill father, then you can forget about your career. The girl thinks about her life and the future.