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Favorites Holiday Joy (2016)

Holiday Joy (2016)
Year, country:
Kirk D'Amico
Bailee Madison, French Stewart, Kolton Stewart,
1h 27min
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Joy Hochstutter is an extremely sweet and incredibly responsible girl. She is only fifteen years old, but she is responsible for the whole family. Her mother died a few years ago, and now she is doing her best every day to help her father, Bob, save a family. Moreover, the girl has become a kind of mother for her brothers and is forced to take care of them, as well as give a tenderness, which they are deprived of. Meanwhile, the poor thing, of course, is tired of such a lifestyle and looks with envy out of the window at the house across the road where the family of dreams lives - Wellman. They are all just perfect, and Joy would like to visit a bit of that beautiful world. And desires, as you know, should be afraid, because they tend to come true and be worse. After the experiment with some kind of suspicious cards and making wishes went wrong, an unexpected relocation happened: in the morning the heroine woke up at the Wellmans, being their youngest daughter. From now on, she has a new father, mother and older sister!

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