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Favorites His Secret Past (2016)

His Secret Past (2016)
Year, country:
Randy Carter
Brigid Brannagh, Gatlin Green, Patrick Muldoon,
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Jennifer Becker is a popular novelist who specializes in crime novels. She lives in a small coastal town in California, along with her daughter Lily. One day, the girl went for a daily jog, during which she was completely attacked. In broad daylight, a man in a dark sweatshirt tried to rob a victim, but an unknown young man came to help Lily, who later introduced himself as Mick. The local sheriff is sure that there is something wrong with this guy, so he decides to sort things out himself. Together with Jennifer, the man begins his own investigation, during which they are trying to find out the identity of the attacker, as well as to learn as much information as possible about the rescuer Lily ...

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