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Favorites About Ray (2016)

About Ray (2016) SD
About Ray (2016)
Year, country:
Gaby Dellal
Elle Fanning, Naomi Watts, Susan Sarandon,
1h 32min
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 you will get acquainted with the most ordinary rebellious teenager who is accustomed to rebel. In addition, this is a girl named Raymond, who is subject to trans-gender propaganda. And just recently this girl came up with the idea that she would like to turn into a guy. It seems that this is just one of a million stupid thoughts that might visit the head of a teenager. But surprisingly, Mega's mother became very interested in this issue, as she always wanted to have a son. Why not take a chance and not to remake her child, while she wishes so herself? And now Maggie forces Raymond to transform into a guy.

 she felt revolutionary because she argued that, despite the disgusting process, changing the sex of her daughter would be the right decision. And those who did not agree with her opinion she called backward and not tolerant people.

Raymond was given hormone therapy and she asked to call her Ray now. Now for complete transformation, it remains to ask for the signature of the father and the process can be completed. Only he did not agree that he would have a son, Ray, trying not to give up and he understood that this reincarnation was not right. Only because of the pressure of the mother, who wanted her son so much, but also the public, does she support such changes, does the father decide to accept his daughter’s desire to become a boyfriend. Wouldn’t she regret Raymond’s deed, because she won’t return what nature gave her?

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