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Favorites Plan Z (2016)

Plan Z (2016) HD
Plan Z (2016)
Year, country:
Stuart Brennan
Victoria Morrison, Mark Paul Wake, Stuart Brennan,
1h 27min
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Craig really enjoyed taking pictures, he tried to capture as many beautiful and horrible moments as possible, for which he bought a professional camera. This man was in different parts of the world, where he took photos and got acquainted with interesting people, but one thought never gave him rest, even when he was sleeping. Craig was sure that the day is near on when the apocalypse will begin on Earth, but not global warming, hell cold or newcomers will be to blame, it will be some kind of virus. Because the hero was absolutely convinced that people would soon become a zombie, he began to develop a plan, thinking that if most of the inhabitants of the planet leave this world, then in any case he will be able to keep his mind and survive. Craig was stocked with food and water, as he understood that without it he could not be stretched for a long time, and then he began to study the area near his house. At the same time, he was constantly interested in one of his friends, whether there was a virus in the wild. He was told that nothing of the kind had happened, the hero was already beginning to think that he had gone mad, when they called him and told him that there was an infection that did not kill people, but stopped their hearts, after which they began to hunt for the uninfected. Craig locked himself in his house, he tried to warn the neighbors, begging them not to leave the apartment, but nobody listened to him. The hero began to drink, his every day was monotonous, but he was still alive. He would never have left his home, if one day he had not received a call from his friend Bill, who asked for help, he could not get out of the restroom of the restaurant. Craig began to adjust, he had to force himself to perceive the murder as if it were the norm, and then he went out into the street.
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