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Favorites The Maid (2016)

The Maid (2016) HD
The Maid (2016)
Year, country:
Paul Emmanuel
Chrysti Ane, Fay Masterson, Kathryn Newton,
1h 39min
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In a number of Asian countries, the seventh lunar month on the Chinese calendar is celebrated as a festival of hungry ghosts. According to the legend at this time, the Buddha allowed the gates of hell to open, and the spirits of the dead roam the earth. The Filipino girl Rosa, who came to work in Singapore, is not well versed in traditions, rituals and wards from evil spirits, to go through a "happy" month of "holiday".

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Kelvin Tonga’s The Maid, director of Rule No. 1, an excellent horror film, broke all box office money in Singapore in 2005. This very beautiful and well-filmed mystical horror unfairly remains with us so far little known.

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