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Favorites Becoming Bond (2017)

Becoming Bond (2017)
Year, country:
Josh Greenbaum
George Lazenby, James Walsh, Jason Maybaum
1h 35min
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Who does not love James Bond? We offer and get acquainted with the performer of this role in the 6th series of the magnificent "Bondiana". The film "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" tells about the adventures of a brave agent in Portugal, where he pursues his opponent number "1" - the leader of the organization "SPECTRUM" - Ernst Stavro Blofeld. But in the project presented on this page it is not a question of opposing a charismatic character and villain, but of Australian George Lazenby, oddly enough, an ordinary car salesman who, at the time of filming, did not even have the slightest experience in show business.
The hero of the baiopika came to London in 1964, cherishing the dream of becoming a model. Lazenby immediately achieved great success in the desired field, and when, four years later, Sean Connery gave up the role, it was given to George, who took up the job with great enthusiasm. True, during the filming of the hero a lot of conflicts arose both with the girl 007 agent, Diane Rigg, and with the person in the director's chair, Peter R. Hunt. The role was successful for the Australian, but when he was offered to sign a contract for the next seven parts of the "Bond", as well as $ 1,000,000, he refused, giving way to the Scotsman, who, according to many, was the best Bond in the film adaptation of Jan Fleming. I wonder how Becoming Bond?
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