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Favorites Angel of Reckoning (2016)

Angel of Reckoning (2016)
Year, country:
Len Kabasinski
Dave Campbell, Jasmin St. Claire, Len Kabasinski,
1h 44min
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You have to pay for everything in this life, and Rachel, the main character of the film “Angel of Reckoning,” more than anyone else wants it! The fact is that her beloved niece, Jamie, was most likely killed, while the police absolutely do not want to investigate and blame everything on suicide. Rachel returns from the army, begins to figure out how this could happen, and a thread of inquiry leads her to a private nightclub.

Without thinking twice, Rachel gets a job there as a stripper who dances in the image of an Angel, except that the angel is not simple, he is horribly set on revenge. And this is not a literal turn, because those sophisticated methods that Rachel uses are probably deserved by the villains who did this to her niece, but they are very bloody, cruel and tickling the nerves of the audience who will watch this exciting action movie, echoing the genre. " horror. " Not all angels are kind and "fluffy", and this is what everyone who will watch this dynamic film has to be convinced of.

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