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Favorites For Love and Honor (2016)

For Love and Honor (2016)
Year, country:
Ömer Vargi
Justin James Remeikis, Dwain Murphy, Sheppard Denton,
1h 23min
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Once he studied, the man happily agreed, all the more he decided to leave military service behind. A conscientious newcomer eagerly adjoins a friendly team, but his relationship with his boss clearly does not stick. The principal leader does not look at the merits of the newly arrived subordinate, his status and recommendations, demanding from him one thing: complete subordination to her instructions. However, the employee is not going to follow the requirements of the boss, if he considers it inappropriate. Violent hostility flares up between colleagues, which threatens to turn into open conflict. But fate gives them a chance to establish a temporary truce, at least at the moment of threatening the academy. Both heroes are very sensitive to this place and will not allow anyone to destroy the alma mater of future special purpose soldiers. Armed with many years of experience and gaining support from each other, they will fight with the enemy to defend the “second home” and turn it into a real school for the training of professionals in their field. But whether this union will interfere with their personal convictions, you will find out for yourself if you decide to watch the film For Love and Hohor (2016).

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