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Favorites The Secret Agent - Season 1 (2016)

The Secret Agent - Season 1 (2016)
Year, country:
Toby Jones, Ash Hunter, Raphael Acloque,
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The events of the series "Secret Agent" refer to the end of the XIX century and occur mainly in London.

The holder of a strange shop, Anton Verlock, is on salary at the Russian embassy. His task is to report on upcoming major events among anarchists. However, changing the curator entails a change in the functions of the spy. The new chief, named Vladimir, does not particularly stand on ceremony with Verlock, demanding active actions, that is, not only informing, but also incitement.

Vladimir wants to discredit the forces of law and order in the British capital. In a month, England will be submitting a security report to an international conference and should by that time get a perceptible click on the nose, losing the confidence of the allies and faith in the ability to protect themselves in the face of an internal enemy.

Verlock should undermine the observatory and blame everything on the anarchists, or to persuade them to such a mad terrorist attack. If the task is not fulfilled in time, Vladimir promises to deprive Anton of his salary, and after he will trumpet Verlok in the country and Europe about the double life, which actually equals the death sentence ...

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