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Favorites Scaler, Dark Spirit (2016)

Scaler, Dark Spirit (2016)
Year, country:
Dan T. Hall
Nathan Bechtold, Ran Burns, Jessica Froelich
1h 20min
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Many believe that there is another world in which spirits live. Naturally, there are scientists and just adventurers who are trying to understand the essence of this phenomenon. The heroine of the film “The Dark Spirit” Jessica Lake applies to such people. A young woman is a true fanatic.
Once she gets a record of a whole group of ghostbusters. They were looking for a kind of sinister spirit in the catacombs of the old church. What happened to them later, nobody knows. Only people disappeared somewhere and only the video was left. Jessica begins to scrupulously view the entire video, not losing the smallest detail.
Soon enough, the young woman found that in the dark cellars there lived an ominous nightmarish creature spirit named Scaller. From this point on, the life of a young girl is at stake. Sculler is very strong and merciless. The fiend of hell does not want anyone to know the truth about it once. The local priest believes that the woman’s behavior is already the work of the devil. Jessica needs to finish the job, otherwise Scaller can break out into the outside world, which will lead to big trouble.
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