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Favorites Mind Blown (2016)

Mind Blown (2016)
Year, country:
Christian Sesma
Jessica Uberuaga, Michael Marinaccio, Jon Mack
1h 28min
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"New Mind" is a fantastic action film about an uncontrolled dangerous project.
The New Mind program is a classified heritage of the Cold War. It was then that the Pentagon, building up military power, began illegal research in parapsychology. Later, the development was destroyed, but soon the experimental team of telekineticists was reassembled. Under the leadership of the ambitious Colonel Clayton, the project gained a second life. The possibilities of his wards were incredible: a group of subjects could cause an earthquake, raise a storm, and arrange a destructive tornado.
During the experiment, telekinetics instead of the target zone - the school layout of the town - destroy a real residential settlement in the Mojave Desert. The tornado sweeps the buildings and cars off the ground, people die, but it's not easy to stop the deliberately triggered elements. Suspecting a dishonest game, parapsychologist Jennifer Gaines, escapes from the base, intending to expose the perpetrators of the tragedy. For the fugitive begins to hunt Colonel Clayton, who decided to save the project at any cost.
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