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Favorites Lucky Girl (2016)

Lucky Girl (2016) SD
Lucky Girl (2016)
Year, country:
Greg Carter
Ameer Baraka, Joycelyn Barnett, Erin Beaurem
1h 33min
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In the center of the plot is a seventeen-year high school student named Kathleen Palmerston. She is a brilliant student, and no one could even imagine that someday she would have an irrepressible passion for gambling.

It all starts with the fact that once Kathleen goes to his girlfriend for his birthday. There, the girls decide to play poker, and the main character can easily beat all. It is at this moment that Kathleen begins to think that luck is on her side, and thanks to gambling, she can finally save up for a trip to Europe, which she has long dreamed of. But soon the innocent passion develops into a real dependence, which leads to irreversible consequences. The schoolgirl constantly plays for money in an online casino, and by itself is in debt. But this does not stop her, and gradually Kathleen gets involved in all the more serious adventures that promise her big problems ...

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