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Favorites Stealing Cars (2016)

Stealing Cars (2016) HD
Stealing Cars (2016)
Year, country:
Bradley Kaplan
Emory Cohen, John Leguizamo, Paul Sparks
1h 34min
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In the life of Billy White, problems began, because of which he had to do far from the best deeds. The guy made connections in the criminal world, but very soon was arrested on suspicion of stealing a car. He was found guilty and sent to serve his sentence in a colony for minors, better known as the Berneville camp. On the very first day of his stay here, Billy had to feel in his own skin all the cruelty of the prison order. Numerous warders continually insulted prisoners, considering themselves to be full owners of the institution. Self-willed and selfish Billy perceives the behavior of guards as a personal insult, degrading his dignity. It is difficult for a proud guy to adapt to new conditions, he is ready to challenge the prison authorities. With the help of other oppressed, White is preparing to revolt in order to overthrow the captors. The idea of Billy was not all tempting to everyone, so he would have to confront not only external enemies, but also internal ones, who would accept the likeness of his comrades.

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