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Favorites Love By Chance (2016)

Love By Chance (2016) HD
Love By Chance (2016)
Year, country:
Gary Harvey
Beau Garrett, Benjamin Ayres, Garwin Sanford
1h 23min
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"Isn't love an hour?" - This is the question asked by others when they see how young people of the opposite sex look at each other. Pretty Claire is just a great master pastry chef. She just adores her current job. In addition, the young woman opened a culinary restaurant. All this takes a lot of time from Claire, her personal relationship is simply not enough. The girl's mother is extremely concerned about this life of her daughter. Then the elderly lady decided herself to look for the groom for Claire. An energetic woman passes all potential candidates through a sieve. Finally the choice is made. This is a charming, strong, kind, charismatic and very beautiful Eric Carlton.

With some difficulties, as described in the movie "An Hour Is Not Love?", It is possible to arrange a date for this man with Claire. He made an indelible impression on the girl. It seems at last everything is fine. Then Claire accidentally finds out that it was not a chance meeting, but everything was arranged by her mother. The girl is terribly angry. When she got a little cold, she understood that she only wished her well. And Eric is terribly courteous and patient.

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