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Favorites Nightmare Nurse (2016)

Nightmare Nurse (2016)
Year, country:
Craig Moss
Sarah Butler, Lindsay Hartley, Steven Good
1h 20min
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Credulity can turn into tragedy. Brooke and Lance have long been dating. They are not yet married, but things are slowly moving towards this. As described in the film “Nightmare Nurse”, a trip to nature turned into a disaster for them. Car couples got into a terrible accident. Brooke was lucky, she had only light scratches. Lance also got a serious leg fracture. Doctors advise him to comply with bed rest.

A young woman does not have the opportunity to constantly be close to her lover. Now everything fell on her shoulders - making money for living, treating and repairing a car. In modern society, no one gives indulgences, and a young woman can not even take time off from work temporarily. Lance had to hire a nurse. This is Chloe - a girl who just recently graduated from a medical college. She obviously needs extra money.

Brooke trusted her boyfriend, although Chloe was frankly very beautiful. No one even suspected that this girl’s mind had ridiculous plans. She does not need medical practice and financial income. The main desire is to separate Lance from Brooke. There are long-standing reasons for this.

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