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Favorites Restoration (2016)

Restoration (2016) HD
Restoration (2016)
Year, country:
Zack Ward
Emily O'Brien, Adrian Gaeta, Zack Ward
1h 32min
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The film "Rebirth" - an American horror thriller about the vindictive ghost of the old house.

The couple, Rebecca and Todd Jordan, are buying a suburban home. The acquisition is inexpensive - the former owner, who recently lost his wife, is in a hurry to go away, starting a new life. Tidying up the purchased housing, Todd discovers the old things he left behind: useless trash and stuffed toys. Among the finds is a hidden diary of an eleven-year-old girl, keeping her secrets.

A funny book, written with children's scribbles, changes the life of heroes. The couple quarrels, Todd is annoyed with repairs, and Rebecca has horrible dreams. The house is filled with anxiety, the hosts are frightened by rustles, screams and strange shadows, and in the basement Todd finds a little girl. A freed ghost whose secret hides a children's diary requires revenge. An unknown evil, frightening spouses Jordan, has a definite purpose - the spirit of a little girl wants to discover the truth and punish the perpetrators of the old unsolved crime.

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