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Favorites Valentine Ever After (2016)

Valentine Ever After (2016)
Year, country:
Don McBrearty
Autumn Reeser, Eric Johnson, Vanessa Matsui
1h 24min
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Julia and Sidney, the two best friends who live and work in the city of Chicago. They are young and self-confident, every day they work and earn a living, not forgetting to entertain, like, and it is necessary at their age.
One day one of these entertainments ends very ambiguously for them, or rather they are in the courtroom. The heroine is sentenced to many hours of correctional labor. After that, they have to move indefinitely from the noisy and loud Chicago to a small provincial town.
There they are distributed to work on the farm, where Julia meets the wayward and incredibly beautiful and sexual owner of the farmlands. Gradually, she falls in love with him, and permeates all the charms of life in the clear air. Her friend also meets someone who unquestioningly gives not only his love, but also his heart.
However, after a while the time passes, and the girls have to collect their things to leave. In the old life they have a past and the people they need. So, for example, Julia has a groom, and he is preparing for a noisy wedding. So how does this story end, and will the characters be able to find their happiness, despite the public prejudices and judgments?