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Favorites Justice League vs. Teen Titans (2016)

Justice League vs. Teen Titans (2016) HD
Justice League vs. Teen Titans (2016)
Year, country:
Sam Liu
Rosario Dawson, Christopher Gorham, Shemar Moore
78 min
Full movie Justice League vs Teen Titans 2016 online free in HD on ffilms.club. After the Death Legion suffers a crushing defeat from the Justice League, the Weather Wizard, one of the losers, tries to escape from the battlefield to avoid being arrested. Suddenly, he is captured by a mysterious shadow emanating from a huge demon named Trigon, who has given the villain incredible strength and the ability to easily resist the joint efforts of superheroes. Despite the fact that Robin receives orders from Batman to evacuate civilians to a safe place, the guy does not obey his father’s orders, thinking that he will be able to help the League defeat an incredibly powerful enemy. Having sent Batting to the raging wizard, Robin is evacuated at the last moment, after which a powerful explosion occurs, as a result of which the Wizard loses demonic power, and he does not understand at all what happened to him. Very upset that the demon had disappeared without a trace, and no less disappointed by the disobedience of his own son, Batman, in punishment, sends Robin to the group to the Young Titans, so that the disobedient lad will restrain his ardor and finally learn to act as a team. At that moment, Bruce Wayne had no idea that very soon the fate of the whole world would depend on the coordinated actions of the young heroes, as the powerful Trigon, seizing the moment, seizes control of Justice League members, having received at its disposal the strongest superheroes.
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