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Favorites Barbershop The Next Cut (2016)

Barbershop The Next Cut (2016)
Year, country:
Malcolm D. Lee
Ice Cube, Regina Hall, Anthony Anderson
1h 51min
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The comedy movie “Barbershop The Next Cut (2016)” continues to tell the stories of already familiar heroes who last appeared before the viewer more than ten years ago.

Kelvin’s habitual male company is now diluted by the fair sex: the hero’s salon, like his girlfriend Angie’s hairdresser, was on the verge of bankruptcy, and small businesses decided to unite.

Southern Chicago has never been famous for safe streets, but this was no less loved by the local inhabitants. Most of them have spent their childhood here, and no one wants to change their place of residence, although after relatively quiet times it is time for gunfights and drug trafficking.

Kelvin and his friends tackle this problem. They believe that together they will be able to defend their hearth and home, without shedding blood and not getting in the way of the really steep tycoons.

So in a half-daily, half-serious manner, matured and gained experience, friends look for answers to difficult questions, flirt with young ladies and spend their days coolly in the circle of loved ones.

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