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Favorites Day of Days (2017)

Day of Days (2017) HD
Day of Days (2017)
Year, country:
Kim Bass
Tom Skerritt, Claudia Zevallos
1h 47min
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Walter is a lonely old man, who lives his age quietly and calmly. Every morning he does the same procedures, some of which are not so simple. However, he always puts himself in order to look his best. This time he even puts on a suit, after which he sits down in a chair and dozes in anticipation of the arrival of a nurse. However, Yolanda was unwell and sent in her place a young and daring Cuban Marisol. Picky old man immediately stuck to her with questions why she was late, forcing the girl to make excuses. She tries not to pay attention to the harmful old man and just does her job. The only thing that Marisol can't understand is why the old man dressed like that. She is trying to find out the cause, but he does not explain anything to her. When a girl asks him to take a pill, Walter refuses. He doesn’t like everything she does ...

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