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Favorites All About the Money (2017)

All About the Money (2017)
Year, country:
Blake Freeman
Danny Trejo, Casper Van Dien, Mindy Robinson,
1h 30min
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Dreams of fabulous wealth sometimes drag arrogant dreamers into the abyss of trouble. A couple of losers are inspired by the desire to get $ 25 million from the government. The fabulous fee is promised catchers of the famous leader of the drug business. Hoping for aiding a shrewd friend, the scammers disguise a sick man from the clinic under the guise of a vacation tour. The initiators of the trip are silent, that "It's all about the money" and the possible change of status. The partners are convinced that in Colombia the satellite will agree to scroll through the adventure case. The reason for the overconfidence of travelers is the recent troubles of a comrade - divorce, the collapse of a career and depression. Promoters of the local cartel quickly notice the colorful trinity of outsiders. Only after learning of the crazy trick of fellow travelers, a weakened patient becomes a hostage of the drug lord. The eccentrics later recall that they lack reliable weapons. Taking the main thug of the third world with bare hands is a reckless exercise. Tourists resort to the services of a local mercenary who is ready to train newcomers in combat techniques and equip them for a small fee. The course of army training turns out to be a complex science, but what you can’t do for the sake of saving your sister and a solid prize.

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