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Favorites Almost Adults (2017)

Almost Adults (2017)
Year, country:
Sarah Rotella
Natasha Negovanlis, Elise Bauman, Justin Gerhard
1h 30min
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In youth, life seems so simple and carefree. However, despite this, any deviation from the usual way of life can lead to serious consequences. Some things are perceived especially hard, and experiences are accompanied by strong emotions. It is at this age are the main characters of the movie "Almost adults."

In the center of the story are two girls who recently began their college studies. Mackenzie and Cassie, having met once, were able to maintain friendship. Each of them has its own character, hobbies, interests, desires and views on the present and the future. But despite this, they communicate with each other with great interest, easily find common topics for conversation and spend a lot of time together. Their friendship more than once passed a test of strength, and each time they came to understand the importance of mutual assistance and support. But now they are in such conditions, when any minor conflict can lead to the destruction of all that has been created over the years.

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