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Favorites The Perfect Catch (2017)

The Perfect Catch (2017)
Year, country:
Steven R. Monroe
Nikki Deloach, Andrew W. Walker,
1h 23min
Full movie drama, family The Perfect Catch (2017) online in ffilms.club
Jessica is an example of an average single mother who takes care of a child and holds a small business. The girl owns a diner and invests all her time and energy either in business or in a child. Neither of which private life can be talked about, respectively, can even be discussed, and the whole life seems to be a not so young Jesiche as hopeless darkness.

But a small ray of the sun still smiles with a smile on the tired face of the heroine, it happens just when Chase, a basketball star, returns to the city for a while. Coincidence? Hardly. The fact is that even in the distant school years, Jessica and Chase had a pleasant time in each other’s arms, and the first youthful love was never forgotten.

But remembering one thing, and lighting up the fire of a new feeling on long-gone coals is a completely different matter. Many years have passed since the carefree pores, life, appearance and life experience of the characters has undergone significant changes. How difficult will be the competition for each other's heart and own happiness, and whether they will achieve victory in this difficult competition, which can be won only together.
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