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Favorites The Midwife(2017)

The Midwife(2017) SD
The Midwife(2017)
Year, country:
Martin Provost
Catherine Deneuve,
1h 57min
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Tatyana Skvortsova, the main heroine of the melodramatic series “The Midwife”, works in the maternity hospital, and her profession for her is the main thing in life. She heads the maternity hospital, does it successfully, paying much less attention to her personal life, where her daughter Katya does not want to go to medicine at all and protests against imposing the will of her mother on her. Catherine wants to become a songwriter. Well, and Tatyana's husband starts a romance with her close friend Alla ...

And against the backdrop of these dramatic events in his personal life, Tatiana’s work is also doing bad things. One of the patients, contrary to the recommendations of the doctors, decides to give birth at home. Skvortsova comes to her during childbirth, when it is too late, and it is impossible to save a woman in labor, however, thanks to her professionalism, she manages to save the child. But she is accused of medical error, and everyone turns away from her, including her work colleagues. Only keeper Dmitry, whom Tatiana met by chance, supports her in difficult times. The series is interesting, and Irina Pegova, Dmitry Epifantsev and other artists contribute to its success.
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