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Favorites Pray for Rain (2017)

Pray for Rain (2017)
Year, country:
Alex Ranarivelo
Jane Seymour, Annabelle Stephenson, Nicholas Gonzalez
1h 32min
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Emma is a journalist who works in New York and covers the lives of celebrities. One day she receives the terrible news that her father died as a result of an accident that happened to his tractor. The girl is forced to return to the countryside to her mother Olivia. There is no mutual understanding between them for a long time, and it seemed that the common grief should bring them together, but everything happens with the exact opposite. Soon, Emma learns that the countryside is devastated by drought, and the bandits rule here. She begins to suspect that the death of her father was not accidental and that there is a conspiracy involving environmentalists and gangsters, led by a rather strange citizen who calls himself "Scorpion" ...