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Favorites My Name Is Lenny (2017)

My Name Is Lenny (2017) HD
My Name Is Lenny (2017)
Year, country:
Ron Scalpello
Josh Helman, Michael Bisping, Chanel Cresswell
1h 31min
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Many famous boxers had a difficult childhood. Renowned British athlete Lenny Maclean was born into a poor family. The guy did not have a native father. Stepfather was very bad for Lenny and his brothers. Macklin essentially brought up the street. For several minor crimes, the young man received a small prison sentence. Then Lenny carried out orders at the London criminal authorities and was a bouncer in various nightclubs. McLean had excellent physical data that allowed him to participate in underground fighting without rules, where money was put into him in a tote.

As described in the movie "My name is Lenny," a famous sports manager noticed a guy during one of these fights. Macklin got on a real sports ring. For his first fight there he gained 500 pounds and a car. Soon came fame. Lenny even starred in several famous films. The appearance of a boxer is tough enough, but in his heart he is a deeply vulnerable person. Macklin is very sensitive to his beloved wife Valerie and children, because the family is the most important thing for him.