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Crazy Lake (2016) HD
Crazy Lake (2016)
Year, country:
Jason Henne, Christopher Leto
Libby Blanton,
80 min/episode
Sometimes you do not need to know the past ... And to visit places that many people avoid ....
But often tourists are not aware of local legends and stories, until they themselves become part of them ...
A group of young people decided to spend a hilarious weekend at the picturesque lake. For this they rented a cozy cottage. It seemed to them that here, no one would hinder them ...
But before they could get accustomed to this house, they realized that something terrible and frightening had happened here, and not just the rest of noisy companies ...
With what, or with whom did the students collide? Do they have a chance to return home in full force? It is rather difficult to call a support - it means to split ... What no one wants to do. Watch free movie horror Crazy Lake (2016) online in ffilms.club.
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