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Favorites Peelers (2017)

Peelers (2017)
Year, country:
Sevé Schelenz
James Challis, Al Dales, Cameron Dent
1h 35min
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The protagonist of the intriguing and at the same time exciting film "Strip Club" from a famous American director was the attractive owner of a popular strip club, which was considered one of the most depraved institutions in a small town. The main events of the film will unfold around this club, which, as a result of the huge mistake of the local miners' brigade, will one day turn into a real hell.

On the eve of terrible events, ordinary mountain workers, who work in the underground mines of a small town, will dig up a deadly virus. The guys will try to hide their excavation in secret. But despite this, the virus will begin to mutate. As a result, infected guests will come to the local strip club. At the time of their visit, the institution will turn into a bloodbath, where they will torture and kill ordinary civilians who want to have fun on an adult. Organizing the most severe punishments for visitors, the infected guests will try to turn the whole world into a terrible hell for humanity.

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