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Capps Crossing (2017) HD
Capps Crossing (2017)
Year, country:
Mike Stahl
Brian Cory, Alex Acosta, Parker Alexander
1h 25min
Capps Crossing (2017) watch full movie horror, thriller online in HD - free movie on ffilms.club
The weak psyche of some people does not stand the test. That's the main character of the horror film "Camping Crossing" after the death of his beloved girlfriend and could not recover. Grief was replaced by hatred of all living things. David buried his bride in the forest and put a headstone on his grave. The first victim was the boy, a participant in the game to search for caches. All the anger put madman in numerous blows with a knife, saying that he is the owner of the forest. A nice guy with an ordinary appearance didn’t arouse suspicion on anyone, so the victim was not the last. David sought out lonely travelers, easily coping with them. But a group of tourists appeared in the forest. Three couples in love camped on the spot where the bodies were once found. The police warned them about the danger. But youth is careless. Three adult and strong guys are not going to run from some kind of maniac. David can not miss such prey. His painful mind develops whole combinations that allow destroying tourists one by one.