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Favorites Austin Found (2017)

Austin Found (2017)
Year, country:
Will Raée
Linda Cardellini, Jaime Pressly, Patrick Warburton,
1h 35min
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In school, Lynn became the queen of the ball. She was the first beauty and never needed anything. But adult life turned out to be more difficult than the heroine of the film "Found in Austin." Now Lynn is over thirty. She brings up an 11-year-old daughter named Patty and tries to come to terms with the mediocrity of her own life. A woman leads a girl on vocal and dance courses. But the more often the daughter attends classes, the faster the money in a bank account of Lynn and her husband Donald is melting. Trying to find a way out of a difficult financial situation, the heroine comes up with a plan when confronted with Billy. Shortly before this, the news outlets reported the abduction of a child of wealthy parents, and Lynn closely followed the investigation. Comparing these two circumstances, the woman suggests that the former boyfriend kidnap her daughter and keep her friend JT in the garage for a month. During this time, the heroine expects to receive social benefits. She promises Billy that she will later throw her husband and return to him, but the more time passes, the stronger the young man doubts about these loud promises.