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Kuso (2017)
Year, country:
Flying Lotus
Hannibal Buress, George Clinton, David Firth
1h 45min
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Events film with elements of fantasy take us to Los Angeles. A devastating earthquake has just happened in the city. As a result of the incident, more than a million people died, and the survivors were mutated, which even scientists can not explain. On their bodies appear huge furuncles, which looks pretty ugly, and they are not removed even with the help of surgical operations. To understand what is happening, you need to watch the movie "Cuso" before the final. Throughout the narrative, which is divided into several parts, the picture of what happened will gradually evolve into a single whole. The main characters of the first novel are the lovers Kenny and Missy. Between them is just a crazy passion, but there is also some secret. The girl hides from her lover what has changed in her after the cataclysm. The hero of the next story is a guy named Manuel, who has a strange phobia - he is afraid of a woman's breast. Trying to get rid of the disease, the hero goes to Dr. Clinton, who offers him a frightening treatment. In the third part, a teenager who went to the forest for a walk, stumbles upon a huge creature ... What unites all the novels?